Inclu-ageing: Let’s train family members and guardians of disabled ageing adults

Apr 12, 2022

On 7th April 2022 the Consortium of the KA2 Erasmus+ project “Inclu-ageing: Training of family members and guardians for inclusion of ageing adults with disabilities” (2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000026916), co-founded Erasmus+ programme, KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education, met online for the first time to discuss the project process, which aims to develop a non-formal education material for the disabled ageing adults’ empowerment, inclusion and effective participation in social life.

To accomplish that, the Consortium will develop:

  • A training toolkit and a supporting parental education guidebook for parents and legal guardians of disabled ageing adults;
  • Educational spot videos for families;
  • The design of a comprehensive online resource with a categorized database;
  • A policy recommendation of the problem-solving process related to provided services for disabled ageing adults.

The target group and the beneficiaries of the project are made up of adults with intellectual disabilities, their families and guardians, NGOs and workers in the field, such as psychologists, adult trainers and personal care assistants.

The Consortium, with a strong expertise in the field of disability, inclusion and special education, is composed by:

  • CEIPES, Italy;
  • AIS, Austria;
  • ESTIA, Greece;
  • URI – SOČA, Slovenia;
  • OSIT, Croatia;
  • APS, Poland.

CEIPES, beside on all the project, will particularly focus on the quality assurance and evaluation, the realization of the web platform design and the leading of the production of educational spot videos for families.

During the KOM, the partners presented each other and discussed about the project steps and its results, especially on the development of the methodology and the action plan of the toolkit on how to train parents and legal guardians of ageing adults with disabilities.

In the next months, the partners will finally meet in presence for the second transnational meeting, right here in Palermo!

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